Quadraverb Models

In 1988, Alesis Corp. introduced the original QuadraVerb, a music effects processor capable of four simultaneous effects in multiple configurations. Since then have been introduced:

Alesis Q20

Alesis Q2

QuadraVerb GT
QuadraVerb Plus

Over the years I collected quite some Quadraverb units.
The first unitin 2011 from dutch
The Explosions

Quadraverb plus EFTP demo
Jim plays F.B.I

All videos of this player



The Alesis QuadraVerb is a 16Hz-20kHz bandwidth stereo programmable effects box with four digital effects (EQ, Pitch Change, Delay, Reverb). The effects can be used in parallel or in serial (or a combination).(more)


The QuadraVerb Plus is an upgraded version of the original QuadraVerb . The many new features that are now available are made possible by a simple software update (eprom) .(more)


The Alesis QuadraVerb GT is a stereo effects unit that is ideal for guitar. It combines analog preamp and digital electronics to provide the best of both worlds.(more)

Alesis Q2

The Alesis Q2 Multi-effects Processor has endless possibilities for tweaking to those who'll give out their time and effort to achieve amazing heights in sound effects. It's high-performance equipment, with easy-to-use operating system and a wide, informative LCD display. (more)

Alesis Q20

The Q20 is essentially a Q2 fitted with 20-bit converters, but it's also been improved in other areas, not least in having twice as many user memories. (more)


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