Quadraverb Plus

The QuadraVerb Plus is an upgraded version of the original QuadraVerb.
The many new features that are now available are made possible by a simple software update, which requires only the replacement of its EPROM.
The hardware of the QuadraVerb remains unchanged.
The operation of the QuadraVerb Plus is identical to the original QuadraVerb and all original features of the QuadraVerb are retained in the QuadraVerb Plus.
All patches originally written for the QuadraVerb will sound the same on
the QuadraVerb Plus..

New features available on the QuadraVerb Plus include Sampling, Ring Modulator, and Resonator configurations, plus the addition of Multi Tap Delay, Auto Panning, and Tremolo Modulation on original configurations where these features are applicable.

In addition, the Quadraverb's extensive MIDI implementation has been greatly enhanced to include real-time parameter control of parameters such as the Delay, Volume, and Feedback for each of the 8 individual taps in the Multi Tap Delay configuration, as well as the Auto Panning and Tremolo's Modulation Speed and Depth.

Also, the Quadraverb Plus lets the user adjust parameters such as the Ring Modulator's Spectrum Shift, Output Up/Down Mix, and Delay/Reverb Up/Down Mix as well as the Pitch and Decay of the Resonator.
This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before.


Plate, room, chamber, hall, reverse (all of which can be gated) Pitch effects: chorus, flange, detune, leslie, phaser Delays: Ping pong, mono, stereo, multitap EQ's: 3-band parametric, 5-band graphic, 11-band graphic Additional: LFO Panning, tremolo, ring modulation, tunable resonators, sampling




The Alesis QuadraVerb is a 16Hz-20kHz bandwidth stereo programmable effects box with four digital effects (EQ, Pitch Change, Delay, Reverb).

The effects can be used in parallel or in serial (or a combination). Specs say the dynamic range is 85dB, less than .1% distortion.

Processor speed is 24 MIPS (no Z80 in this baby!).

Conversion scheme is 16-bit linear PCM. It's fully MIDI-fied.

Push both PAGE buttons simultaneously and it will tell the EPROM version on the display

Some features:

  • Touch sensitive (multi-speed!) programming buttons. Many have integral LED so you know what mode you're in. If you press harder you move the parameter faster.
  • 2x16 character LCD display.
  • Stores 100 programs. Comes with 90 (in ROM) that you can overlay into the RAM. At any time you can recall one or all the ROM programs into RAM.
  • Real-time control of 8 simultaneous parameters via MIDI (you pick the controller type and the parameter it controls).
  • All functions, parameters and volume levels are programmable per program.
  • Stereo In/Out (via four 1/4 inch jacks).
  • Effect bypass jack on the back (as well as a button on the front).
  • You can name your programs (up to 14 characters).


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