Quadraverb Q2

Quadraverb Q2

The Alesis Q2 Multi-effects Processor has endless possibilities for tweaking to those who'll give out their time and effort to achieve amazing heights in sound effects. It's high-performance equipment, with easy-to-use operating system and a wide, informative LCD display.

The Alesis QuadraVerb 2 is a digital audio multi-FX processor that has the ability to generate up to 8 separate FX which can be chained together into a single patch.
The Q2 has many different audio FX algorithms such as Reverbs, Delays, Pitch, EQs etc. . . You can chain the different FXs together and route signals between the different FX, as well as route feedback between the different FX, which will allow you to create some very cool sounds.

There are also a bunch of good basic FX patches for everything from vocals, to drums and guitars as well as some wacky stuff. It is a great piece of gear for studio or live mixing as well as a great guitar effect for a discerning player.


Test Drive: Alesis QuadraVerb 2

Q2 versus Q20


Some of the features are:

  • Stereo analog input/output
  • Digital ADAT light pipe input/output
  • BNC word clock connector
  • Dual Channel Octal Processing
  • 99 Presets and 99 User Programs
  • MIDI In and Out/Thru
  • Bypass and Advance footswitch inputs
  • Large LCD Display (1" x 5")
  • Many direct puttons and a Value Wheel for quick setting changes.
  • Has both Left and Right Input Levels
  • You can combine FX  such as: Reverbs, Delays, EQs  and Pitch  up to 8 together.
  • See more in Manual



Selection of Quadraverb 2 videos


In the Video ---- Echo: Alesis Q2 with EFTP ---- Amplifier: Vox AC 30.
QUADRAVERB 2 ( See more in Manual )

Dimensions: 19" x 1.75" x 6" (single rack space)
Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Number of Channels: 2 Format: 1/4" TRS 3-conductor jacks,
Nominal Level: -20 dBV to +4 dBu, front-panel adjustable
Maximum Input Level: +19dBu
Input Impedance (nominal): 500K unbalanced, 20K balanced

Number of Channels: 2
Format: 1/4" TRS 3-conductor jacks, servo balanced/unbalanced
Maximum Level: +17.5dBu
Nominal Level: -20 dBV to +4 dBu, front-panel adjustable
Output Impedance (nominal): 500 ohms
Digital Input/Output
Input and Output Type: ADAT MultiChannel Optical Digital Interface
(AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats available using optional AI-1 Digital Interface and Sample Rate Converter)
48 kHz In: BNC jack for word clock connection to BRC, AI-2, or AI-1
Number of Channels: 2 (selectable to/from any of the 8 ADAT Optical channels)
Connectors: EIAJ fiber optic jacks

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