Quadraverb Patches

The “Quads” longevity is a testament to its outstanding sound quality and highly editable effects.
The Quadraverb can squeeze out an awesome amount of sonic bliss in the hands of the right programmer.
Editting may be done via the frontpanel or via midi.

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Share your sysex files
User patches may be send to Quadraverb.nl for publication
( type, file, description).


Mail patches



Quadraverb and Quadraverb Plus
Individual patches

Each of these patches is stored in its
155-byte SysEx format.

Patch Banks
Each of these files is 14708 bytes, and contains 100 patches. They are stored in SysEx format, ready for loading.
Note! They will overwrite your QV memory.


More info and patches here

Quadraverb Plus, GT, Q2, Q20

Charlie Hall has developed patch sets for these Quadraverb units and some others over the years.

The sounds are very close to the original sounds of many vintage echo tape units from the past.

Compared with modern digital fx boxes, the sounds are warm and very close to reallity

More info and EFTP patches here

More information on Echo sound creation etc.


Patch tools
For the Qv, Plus and GT

Quad patcher, a win95-98 program, written by Karl E. Scmidt in 1999, not supported anymore, but still working on e.g. Vista. (Quad patcher 32 may work for windows 10)

- Quad Patcher - Info

- Quad Patcher 32 - Info

- Stec dump tool

For the Q2 and Q20

For all to transfer sysex files Midi-Ox

- Sound Quest

- Quadedit for GT
Open project join development!

Midi Interface

To connect the Quadraverb to the PC, a Roland/Edirol UM-One Mk2 or equivalent midi interface is needed

Many cheap units fail to do the job!